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While water purifier bottles continue to get famous for a handy way to quench thirst on the go, it is important to know that even the sparkling freshwater produced by purifiers is not the same in every bottle. No, we are not talking about the contaminated or polluted water at all. We are talking about the acidic load or alkaline load of water. For simple understanding, let’s say acidic and alkaline contents are inversely proportional. While having acidic load is harmful to our health, the presence of alkaline reduces the acidic load proportionately and ensures better health. This is why natural alkaline water bottle purifiers are so popular now.

What exactly is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is created by the process of ionization or by increasing the pH level of the water. The measurement of pH level basically determines the acidic or alkaline character of the water. While less pH level tends to increase the acidic load, more pH load signifies increased alkaline content in the water. The Alkaline water purifier bottles basically increase the pH level of the water. Thanks to them, even the highly acidic tap water can turn into highly alkaline water in just minutes. Just by referring to the pH factor, an alkaline purifier bottle is also sometimes called a hydrogen-rich water bottle.


How is the pH balance of water increased? 

It is also essential to understand various methods used for increasing the pH balance of the water. While the most trusted way to increase pH balance is to convert the water through specially treated filters, faucets are also used directly at water taps to change the water quality. Some Alkaline water purifier bottles also use additives to change the water from acidic to alkaline in nature. Some alkaline purifiers also use Japanese minerals as additives to increase the pH balance and enrich the water with healthy minerals.

How is the Alkaline Water Purifier different from UV Water Purifier? 

There are various types of water purifier technologies in the market. There are also instant water purifier bottles for removing the pollutants and contaminants from the water to make it drinkable. It is needless to say that a natural alkaline water bottle works quite differently from these simple purifiers. The regular UV water purifier in every household addresses the problem of pollutants in water rather than changing the water pH balance.

While people buy UV water purifiers to free the water from pollutants, they buy Alkaline water bottles to increase the water’s alkaline content, which can further reduce the acidic load of the body and keep them healthy. While the UV purifier is only meant for basic purification of the water, the alkaline purifier bottles improve the health quotient of the consumable water. Moreover, to improve the healthy characteristics of water, some alkaline mineral water bottles also use additives. Additives like Japanese minerals further enhance the alkaline load and help to reduce the acid content of the body.

How is alkaline water purification different from reverse osmosis? 

Another popular and widely acclaimed water purification technology is reverse osmosis. Since we are trying to explain the benefits of alkaline natural water bottles in contrast to prevailing water purifiers, it is important to note the differences in reverse osmosis.

  • Reverse osmosis purification technology needs to use electricity to run the hydraulic pressure system working for removing microscopic solid particles from the water. In contrast, alkaline purification needs no electricity to increase the water’s pH balance and make it alkaline. For this, just an alkalinehydrogen rich water bottle will be enough.


  • Reverse Osmosis process actually removes the natural minerals from the water that are healthy substances for our body. In contrast, alkaline bottles increase the water’s alkaline content while leaving the water minerals intact. Moreover, alkaline mineral water bottles actually help deliver vital minerals for the body.


  • The reverse osmosis process also involves the wastage of a lot of water since it needs to remove the solid particles from the water through constant compressing. This is done by using a lot of water in the process. In contrast, alkaline purifier bottles just purify the same amount of water that is treated and made ready for consumption. It doesn’t make any waste of water through the process.


  • Reverse Osmosis water treatment technology and method require using large equipment that consumes a lot of space. In contrast, alkaline treatment of water just requires a small bottle that can be used directly for water consumption as well. It offers a handy and low footprint way to induce healthy elements in your consumable water.


  • The biggest drawback of reverse osmosis is that it turns the treated water into acidic. It not only removes all the healthy water minerals, but the process itself reduces the pH level and increases the acidic load of the water. This is exactly where an alkaline mineral water bottleoffers just the opposite advantages. It not only increases the alkaline property of the water but also enriches the water with more minerals.


To conclude, alkaline water purifier bottles offer the most healthy choices for water consumption. While all other water treatment technologies merely focus on removing solid particles while actively degrading the water quality, alkaline treatment just enhances the healthy characteristics of the water by inducing more minerals and increasing pH balance. You can always buy Alkaline water bottles and consume health with every drop of water.