About Hydrop Water Converter Bottles

Hydrop Water Converter is an efficient and Natural Alkaline Water Bottle and a Hydrogen-rIch water bottle that revives the quality of water by several notches and helps in creating antioxidant alkaline water in a jiffy!

Hydrop is one of the unique alkaline water purifier bottles that can change all kinds of water into high ph alkaline water. With a special selection of all kinds of alkalising Japanese minerals to increase PH levels to 7 .5 to 8.5, this antioxidant alkaline water bottle is perfect for all drinking purposes for individuals. No wonder, it is growing considerably in terms of popularity and utility across the world!

Here are the salient features of the Hydrop Alkaline Water Purifier bottles:

  • Portable in design; lightweight in its construction
  • Quick, and safe to upgrade water to higher ph levels
  • One-of-a-kind alkaline water converter bottle
  • Utilises multiple nutrients and Japanese minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium
  • Maintains optimum level of Oxygen in the water within the bottle
  • No need for electricity for use
  • Developed with durable Triton
  • A no-slip grip bottle that includes locking flip-top lid along with silicone seals
  • Consists of a robust stainless steel diffuser cage.

The Hydrogen-rich water bottle performs wonders for all users who drink from the bottle. One can depend on the Antioxidant alkaline Water Bottle to transform ordinary water with lower ph levels into superior alkaline and ionised water that boasts of pure energy.